Fanya’s Wonder-Cream

Fanya’s Wonder-Cream


Fanya’s treatment cream


Contains: 50 ml / 80 NIS


From the “Masik” care products line



Fanya’s unique wonder-cream for soothing the skin. Designed for sunburnt and sun-damaged skin. Excellent for those engaged in hand labor. This cream, based on aloe vera, was originally created 40 years ago by the late chemist Fanya Feitelson. Cream was successfully tested and proved its effectiveness for various skin problems.



Contains nourishing oils and aloe vera. Produced through a unique process.


How to use

Slightly moisten the treated area. Apply a small amount of cream and massage until it is fully absorbed. For morning and evening use until full relief.


Store in cool and dark place. Do not swallow.

For daily use.

Approved by the ministry of Health