It all started when I left the dermatologist’s cabinet with a prescription for psoriasis medication. “… and besides that – try using olive oil soaps… it’s not a problem to get it where you live”, he said.

The solution was quite efficient and therefore, I have decided to produce soap that will be effective, pleasant to use and will not dry the skin.

Back then, I didn’t think about establishing a factory, although I was really excited about this new endeavor – producing various types of soap.

At a later stage, I was visited by the late Ms. Fanya Feitelson, who introduced me to the “Fanya Paste”. I was very excited with the results, just that I didn’t know that in order to produce the paste in the Holy Land, you have to get a proper license, i.e. to establish a licensed factory.

After completing all the bureaucracy and creating our soaps, we decided to establish a factory that produces all goods from scratch, while planning the process to be completely natural.

To achieve our goal, we have recruited two chemists, who specialize in oils, and together we have created a line of healthy 100% natural products, rich in essential oils and honey.  


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